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Signature Home Cleaning LLC
“Our awesome clients receive thorough, detailed on-time cleaning with easy communication and flexible scheduling from warm and friendly professionals.”
415 Residents simply dial or text to ...
Q:   How does it work? How do I hire Signature Home Cleaning?

  Call or text me at 415-735-4383 (RELIEVE) and tell me about the cleaning you would like done.
I will ask a few questions about the space to be cleaned, provide you with some scheduling options, and then give you an estimated minimum and maximum price range for the first visit (or for one-time work). The final price will fall within this narrow range, based upon the reality of the project completed by the cleaners. All subsequent cleanings will have an exact price known in advance. A team of two or three cleaners will show up at the appointed time with all of the necessary supplies and tools.  

In early 2014 Signature is expected to become the FIRST and ONLY residential cleaning service to become “Green Certified,” and officially endorsed by the San Francisco City Government!

To elaborate, San Francisco's Department of the Environment has invited us to participate in a green certification pilot program, along with five other commercial cleaning businesses; however, we are the only participating business with an emphasize on residential service.

Our compliance with the Department of the Environment's guidelines ensure that the procedures and chemicals we use in your home will, above all, “do no harm.”
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